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50-ft Hose Section                 Item ID: HS-01      Price $130.00
LP Gas Regulator                    Item ID: IG-13      Price: $125.00

50-ft Hose Extension              Item ID: HS-02     Price: $130.00

Pilot Burner Sub-assembly      Item ID: IG-05      Price: $120.00
Water Filter - Complete           Item ID: AC-01     Price $350.00
Spray Nozzles (4)                   Item ID: 279700   Price: $39.99
Replacement Cartridge           Item ID: AC-03     Price: $230.00
Long Wand 36-inch                 Item ID: WA-01   Price: $120.00

SS Thermal Stack Extension   Item ID: AC-06    Price: $400.00

Short Wand 12-inch                Item ID: WA-03    Price: $95.00
Caster w/Brake - Front          Item ID: AC-11     Price: $50.00
Trigger Gun - Steam Rated     Item ID: WA-08    Price: $45.00
Circuit Breaker-20amp           Item ID: PC-06      Price: $25.00