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Orange TKO Hand Cleaner

A Premium Hand Cleaner From the Makers of Orange TKO

  15-oz bottle-Grit                                    $ 7.49 each      Item No. TKOHC15G 

  12X15-oz bottle Case-Grit                     $ 89.88 case    Item No.  24550-3G

  15-oz bottle No-Grit                                $ 7.49 each      Item No. TKOHC15

  12X15-oz bottle case - No-Grit              $ 89.88 case     Item No. 24550-3

  1-gallon bottle-Grit                                  $ 25.79 each      Item No. TKOHC1G 

  4X1-gallon bottle Case-Grit                     $ 103.16 case    Item No.  23500-9G

  1-gallon bottle No-Grit                              $ 25.79 each      Item No. TKOHC1

  4x1-gallon bottle case - No-Grit               $ 103.16 case     Item No. 23500-9

Outperforms leading hand cleaners

Works quickly by emulsifying the grease

Can be used with or without water

Grit falls off completely within minutes, even without water!  No
more annoying grit stuck between your fingers!

Leaves no greasy or sticky residue on your hands

No greasy film left in the sink after washing your hands.  Will not
clog drains!

Contains aloe vera and lanolin - will not dry out your skin!