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Orange TKO Testimonials
Barry D. Dwyer, Vancouver, D.C.
Consumer:  "My main intent was to use TKO for cleaning the 27 year old carpets and interior in my airplane.  Mixed as directed for general purpose cleaning, the product worked perfectly.  It even removed a stain caused by spilled hydraulic fluid and ground-in dirt that had resisted every attempt at cleaning so far, including steam cleaning.  The fresh orange scent was a nice touch, too.  We normally remove such dirt with raw aviation fuel, a messy, environmentally damaging process that, while effective at removing the stains, also removes the skin from your hands and the wax from the aircraft.  We also had some success with Simple Green; however, it must be used full strength, and at that concentration damages the paint finish as badly as aviation fuel.  TKO mixed in an extra strong (but still economical) 4:1 solution made this a simple "Spray on, wipe off" process.  The paint finish was shiny and streak-free.  Amazing!!"
City of Vancouver, Central Stores
Mr. J. Body, storekeeper:  "As you are aware, we have been testing your product for a period of time.  The 1st mix we used was 10:1 for TKO to water, on a shovel densely coated with asphalt which had been sitting on our back loading dock for a considerable period of time.  We left it to soak overnight, and in checking 24 hours later, found it to be dissolved right down to the metal.  It was agreed that this had worked considerably better than our previous product (Sanfax Tarzo)."
Steamatic Total Cleaning & Restoration
Mr. Brent D. Sturrock, President writes,  "I am amazed at the diversity of your cleaning product.  I own a carpet and air duct cleaning disaster and restoration company.  TKO works well in all areas of my business."
Oakley Optical Ltd.
Larry Hosegood, Owner:  "We put TKO through a variety of tests for use in our field, and found it to succeed in our needs and beyond.  It is extremely useful for taking off foreign particles and hair spray without any risk to the lens or the various coatings.  We also found it to work beautifully in our ultrasonic machines used to clean frames, which have an accumulation of oily granules in hard-to-reach places.  The most amazing use we found was on our anti-reflection coatings, making our customers, and in turn us, very happy!"
The Printing House Ltd.
Mr. Lou Kroaker, Manager:  "A very effective and healthy alternative to the many cleaners I have used.  Great in the following areas: General machine cleaning and shop use, photocopy equipment, customer counter tops, desk tops and windows."
Western Producer Newspaper
"I'd like to know" (column) - Ernie Oddie, response from reader:  "I'd called the dry cleaners and they said that they could not remove mildew, so I used a product called TKO, and it removed the odor.  Some of it I used full strength.  I also added some to the laundry load.  It has a lovely citrus smell.  I find I to be excellent for applying to spots before laundry.  We purchased at a local trade fair.
Christine Franzino:  "Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I have tried the TKO and absolutely love it!  I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical when you told me some of the things that TKO could be used for.  I found it worked well on animal stains left on floors and counters.  I am also very pleased with its effectiveness on stains on clothing.  Dr. Reynolds and I are finding new, effective uses for TKO every day."
School Teacher
Tetelle M. VillaSana:  "I am happy to tell you some of the uses to which I have found success with TKO.
        (1) Nits - We were involved in a summer production of "OLIVER!", which involved costumes and hats from a local thrift shop.  As a result, my girls contracted a stubborn case of head lice.  The Nix solution (that was recommended to remove them) is extremely caustic.  After repeated administrations, skin problems began to develop.  A mixture of the TKO solution loosened the sticky nits so that the comb could remove them from the girls' long hair.
        (2) The white carpet vs. the puppy - We have a Dupont STAINMASTER carpet and when anything is spilt, or regular foot grime occurs on pathways of the living room carpet, I use a mixture of the TKO and the white returns to the carpet.
        (3) Hypo allergenic students in first grade - I am employed with Heritage Christian Academy in Ojai.  My background in art has caused many messes that occur on each child's desk surface.  One particularly challenging mess is school glue, especially as it begins to dry.  TKO solution loosens the glue and it regains its white color.  It is then easily removed with a paper towel.  The spray solution seems not to irritate the children, and I feel comfortable to allow them the responsibility of cleaning up their messes with this product."
Electrical Engineer
Ted Steventon, Project Leader:  "I am employed with the City of Calgary Electric System Substations.  We have many uses for this cleaning product.  Our greatest concern is to be able to use the cleaner for removing greasy substances from high voltage porcelain insulators, etc.  The present cleaners we are now using only work moderately and have to be rinsed off after applying them.  Most of the cleaners leave a residue on the porcelain insulators that cause "tracking", an electrical discharge path.  This eventually causes problems resulting in power outages.  TKO is an AMAZING, environmentally safe cleaner that does not leave a residue on the porcelain insulators.  The cleaning action of TKO is very fast. (Spray on and leave for a few minutes and then just wipe off.)  Our Transformer Repair and Testing Shop tested TKO on the bushings of a pole mount transformer.  They sprayed the cleaner on the dirty insulators, wiped them off and then Hi-potted the insulators.  There was no tracking or electrical discharge occurring at 34,000 volts AC.  They also did a "wet test" with the cleaner; i.e.: fully spraying the insulators and when still wet with the cleaner, then once again Hi-potted the insulators to 34,000 volts AC.  It passed the test!!!  A great cleaning agent for the electrical industry.  NO RINSING REQUIRED!!!"
Anne Karcher:  "I received your letter today and the check for $3.00 to cover the postage for returning the extra shipment I received, and the return shipping label.  I will mail that first thing on Thursday morning, since I won't be available to get to a post office tomorrow.

What an honest company you are.  I will be recommending your company and products whenever the subject of cleaning comes up (which is quite often).  I'm finding the orange cleaner so useful.  Yesterday I was out picking up pine cones from our yard and got pine tar on me, so I went straight for the orange TKO cleaner, and used the spray full strength.  One little spritz, which I spread over my fingers and one palm and it came off immediately.  I was really impressed!

My family has asked me if I've been eating fruit, since when I clean with it the whole house smells fresh.

Thanks again for your wonderful service, and kind and friendly e-mails."
From the Press

"Pretty cool and fairly inexpensive. It will perform wonders on everything from clothing carpets and household grime, in clogged drains, pet stains, garden pests."
(July 16/95 - Sunday Edition) Endorsed ORANGE TKO as "Neat & New"  
THE POWER OF NATURE AT WORK - "Orange TKO is the most effective and economical cleaner and stain remover on the market.  Formulated from high grade d'limonene through a distillation process from natural orange peel.  Orange TKO enhances the natural emulsification properties and becomes soluble in water.  The end result is an environmentally friendly but powerful formulation."
May, 1995 Vol. III No. 5 -- Dockside takes a look at boating  
products and services and their relationships to the environment.   
"If only pet stains could smell like oranges -- now they can!  Orange Pet Power works well on all surfaces, including carpet, upholstery, vinyl, floor and concrete."
(October 1995) International Authority in the Cat World  
"Natural products are more evolved than most people realize.  Some of the new products in the market place:  TKO ORANGE Pet Power."
(A leader in Pet Supply Marketing for 49 years)  


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