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Automotive/RV Uses for Orange TKO


Degrease Motors:
Use water hose or pressure washer with water only to wash off loose debris and wet area to be cleaned.  While engine is still wet, spray concentrated TKO on entire area.  Allow 10-15 minutes to emulsify grease and oil.  Rinse area with water from hose or pressure washer.  No toxic fumes and no danger to your skin or the vehicle's paint!  TKO works well on a cold engine, but works even better if the engine is warm (but not hot).
Use general mix to clean carpets, upholstery and interior panels.  Allow time to emulsify on stains.  Will remove grease, oil, tar, coffee, etc. from carpets and upholstery.  If heavily soiled, textured vinyl may need soft brush to clean thoroughly.

Use mist mix for windows.  If streaks appear, solution is too strong.  Add more water.  Makes a great deodorizer!
Remove road tar, grease or oil by spraying concentrate followed by a mist of water.  Allow time to emulsify and wipe off.  May need to reapply TKO if tar is heavy or has been there a long time.

Remove bugs and tree sap with light mix.  Spray on, allow a minute or two to emulsify, and wipe off.

Whitewall tires:  Spray general to strong mix on tires, give time to emulsify, then wipe off.  May need to use soft brush to help loosen grime.

Chrome shines like new by using mist to light mix.
Oil on Pavement:
      Spray strong mix on oil stain, or wet it with water and spray concentrate.  Allow 5-10 minutes to emulsify.  Work stain with old broom to help break up the oil.  Hose off with water.  This will remove all of the oil from the surface, but if the pavement is particularly porous, and a light stain remains, you may use a carpet cleaning machine with water and TKO instead of shampoo to remove the remaining stain.  The carpet cleaner forces the TKO into the pores and sucks it back out, along with the oil.

Ideal to carry a bottle of mist mix while traveling to keep windshield free of bugs! *


General cleaning --
Walls, floors, countertops, stove, etc. - 2 oz TKO per gallon of water.

Stain remover for carpets and upholstery--
Removes pet stains, food stains, coffee, tea, wine, tar, grease oil, etc. -- 2 oz/gal of water works for most.  May need to use stronger for tough stains.  Spray on and let set 5 - 10 minutes to emulsify, then remove with a damp cloth.  May also be used as carpet cleaner -- 1-2 oz/gal of water.

Windows and mirrors --
1/2 oz/gal of water.  If streaks appear, solution is too strong.  Add more water.

Remove tree sap and bugs --
1 - 2 oz TKO per gallon of water.  Spray on TKO mix, let stand for 5 - 10 minutes to emulsify, then wipe off.

Remove tar --
Spray mist of concentrate then a mist of water.  Let stand 5 - 10 minutes to emulsify, then wipe off.  May need to reapply for old or heavy tar.  Use strong mix of 1 oz. TKO in 24 oz spray bottle of water.

Septic tank odor control --          Top of Page
Add 1 - 2 oz Orange TKO to 3 cups water and pour down toilet.  Use as often as needed.

Eliminate bad odors and taste in fresh water system --
Recommended by Highways Magazine.  Mix 5 - 10 oz. of Orange TKO in a gallon of water and put into fresh water holding tank.  Add approximately 9 more gallons of fresh water. (If you wish to use more water, add TKO so that the mix is 1/2 oz per gallon of water to 1 oz per gallon of water.)  Rock trailer to agitate then run mixture through the water system.  Don't forget the hot water tap in order to clean out the water heater.  Run about half of the mixture through, then let stand for 3 - 5 minutes.  Run the remaining mix through the lines.  Rinse by adding fresh water to the tank and running it through the lines.  If there is any orange odor or taste to the water, it will dissipate after a couple of rinses.  Orange TKO is 100% natural and is non-toxic.  Do not leave in system for extended periods of time - orange odor and taste may be more difficult to get rid of.

Deter mice --
Orange TKO has not yet been approved as an animal repellent.  However, Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management has found it to be effective.  Many other people also report success.
During the summer:  Spray mist of 2 oz TKO per gallon of water in any area where they may enter, as well as all areas where there are signs of their presence.
During the winter:  Put 2 - 3 oz of concentrated TKO (not diluted) into a glass dish, tuna can, or similar container (do not use a plastic container), and insert a piece of sponge (acts as a wick).  Set the container in the vehicle.  Use 2 - 3 containers in an RV.  Use pieces of cloth soaked in 2 oz/gallon of water to block any holes the mice can jump through.  Although these will freeze, the mice will not chew them - they don't like the taste.  Check periodically to make sure you can still smell the orange -- if not, add a little more concentrate to the containers.  Leaves a pleasant citrus odor.  Use concentrated Orange TKO during the winter because it will not freeze in the concentrated form.

Ants or other insects inside RV --          Top of Page
Howard Garrett, a well known holistic horticulturist, uses Orange TKO in Texas to destroy fire ants.  Spray area with 5 to 8 oz of TKO per gallon of water.  Spray well at suspected entry points.

Degrease motors in motorhomes --
Pressure wash engine with water to remove loose dirt and grime.  While still wet, spray mist of concentrate, or spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz of TKO per gallon of water over the area to be cleaned.  Let stand for 10 minutes to emulsify, then pressure wash off.  If build-up is heavy, you may need a second application.  No harsh odors and no problem with skin contact!

Eliminate skunk odor --
Spray area with 2 - 6 oz TKO per gallon of water, depending on the severity of the situation.  If you know the area that was directly sprayed, spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz per gallon of water.  If possible, rinse with water after allowing to sit for 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify.  Eliminates the odor - doesn't just cover it up!

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