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Floor Scrubbers
turbolava® 2000

Turbolava 2000

Price $ 1999.00

Item No. TU2000



The turbolava® 2000 is the most compact portable automatic scrubber on the market. It features 2 counter rotating brushes or pads that apply a constant pressure to the floor being cleaned. A full-length squeegee can be raised to effectively do a deep scrub and then lowered to extract the soiled solution for easy disposal. No more using a mop and bucket to reapply the soiled solution. At 31 lbs. The turbolava® 2000 is compact and manoeuvres easily. It can be stored in almost any location.

turbolava® Maxi

Turbolava Maxi

Price: $2499.00

Item No. Maxi




The turbolava® Maxi has two counter rotating brushes or pad drivers that will clean a path of 17”. It can be used on all types of floors Concrete, Slate, Marble, Wood and the toughest of all to clean Textured and Grouted Ceramic Tile. The unique split-level brushes rotate at 550 RPM providing the most effective cleaning of any machine on the market.

The same machine will also pick-up the soiled solution into the recovery tank for easy disposal. The full-length squeegee allows for solution recovery up to the wall.

The turbolava® Maxi is built on a stain-less steel frame for years of use.

Easy to use, the turbolava® Maxi is extremely fast and efficient in cleaning small to medium size floors such as, restaurants, hotels, gyms, offices, shops, kitchens, restrooms and hospital operating rooms.

turbolava® Maxi

Turbolava 35 Plus

Price: $2699.00

Item No. TU35P




The turbolava® 35 Plus is the ideal automatic scrubber dryer for small to medium areas, whether congested or open, the 35 Plus gets the job done quickly and easily.

Ideal for daily cleaning or for scheduled deep cleaning, its’ rugged construction and quality parts means it will serve your needs for a long time.

The turbolava® 35 Plus has two inclined counter rotating brushes that will remove even the toughest dirt using only a minimum of detergent.
Two squeegees positioned front and rear, allow you to dry in both the forward and backward direction.
There are a wide variety of attachments – brushes, pad holders, pads, micro fibre pads - that give you the flexibility to cover all your floor maintenance needs from stripping, to cleaning and polishing.
If you are maintaining floors in hospitals, school, restaurants, retail shops, offices, fitness centres, nursing homes or have a domestic cleaning service, the Turbolava 35 Plus will give you better results quickly and economically.

turbolava® 2M Double

Turbolava 2M Double

Price: $2899.00

Item No. 2MDouble




The turbolava® 2M double is our largest size and will still clean where the big guys can’t.
In the 2M double you will find the features of a large, heavy and expensive battery powered machine at a reduced cost with more versatility.

Good tank capacity, two counter rotating brushes turning at 550 RPM with two squeegees, front and back.
With a quick change you can convert the 2M double to a 16”
550 RPM floor polisher.

The 2M double is excellent for industrial locations, schools, healthcare facilities, convenience stores and many more locations.