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Organic Orange TKO  Garden Uses

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The Power of Nature at Work

Organic growersOrange TKO is organic and is a nutrient and plant cleaner.

System flush:  D'limonene is an important nutrient within all plants.  Use 4 oz of Orange TKO in 45 gallons of water, or 1/2 oz in 5 gallons of water.  Foaming will occur to assist in reducing nutrient build up.

Plant nutrients:  Add 1 oz of TKO to 45 gallons of water.  Foaming naturally occurs to release d'limonene to the plant, which allows the plant to absorb nutrients more freely.


Remove tree sap and bug stains - Use one tablespoon ORANGE TKO in 3-cups of water

Clean lawn mowers, machinery, barbecues, and oil from driveways with 2-4 oz of TKO per gallon of water.

Clean garden tools with 2-tablespoons TKO and 2-tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water.

Use as an air freshner for odors such as smoke, septic tanks or even pet and skunk odors.

Use one teaspoon ORANGE TKO on 3-cups of water to clean windows, mirrors, and showers. Watch then sparkle!! All metals shine with ORANGE TKO!


Rose and Flower Wash

(also for other flower and vegetable beds)

                                            1-gallon of water ) distilled preferred

                                            1-tablespoon vinegar

                                            1-tablespoon Epsom salts

                                            3-tablespoons Organic Orange TKO


                                Spray once or twice weekly.

                               1) Wash will increase bloom and enrich foliage.

                               2) For general plant cleaning and odor control.

                               3) Use as a fruit and vegetable wash.