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Household and Office Uses for Orange TKO


-Windows, mirrors, appliances, chandeliers, dusting furniture, chrome, stainless steel...         Anything you want to shine!                                   

- If windows and mirrors streak, solution is too strong.  Add more water.     


-Walls, floors, silk plants, countertops, cupboards... Anything that needs a light cleaning!

- Use in carpet cleaner instead of shampoo - there are no soap suds to clean up, and it leaves no residue in your carpet! Always pre-mix.

Do Not put concentrate into plastic dispensers!

- Use in your garden and on your pets.

- Use on indoor plants.   Use light mix only on your house plants!

- Cleans jewelry, but do not use on cosmetic jewelry or glued on medallions.


- Stains in carpets, fabrics, upholstery (more details later), kitchen grease, bathtubs, showers, sinks, venetian blinds... Anywhere you need a powerful general purpose cleaner.

- For stains on arborite, bathtubs, sinks, or any other hard surface, allow time to emulsify and put some baking soda on your cloth before rubbing off.


- Ovens, tough stains in laundry and carpets, paint brushes and rollers, rust, barbecues, fireplace windows, glue, adhesives, tape residue, scuff marks...


- Permanent felt marker, gum, candle and crayon wax.

Caution: Do not use concentrated Orange TKO on plastics, fiberglass, or plexiglas!

Carpet Stains:

- Spray on general purpose mix, allow 1 - 2 minutes to emulsify and then remove with a damp cloth in a twisting motion so as not to spread the stain. For difficult stains, you may use a strong mix or spray some concentrate on the stain with your general mix.


- Warm oven to a maximum of 200 degrees F, turn off and spray with strong mix of Orange TKO. Allow time to emulsify. If necessary, agitate with scouring pad and baking soda. Soak oven racks in tub with 1 - 2 tbsp. of TKO.


- Pre-spray stains with general or strong mix. Let sit for 1 - 2 minutes, then wash as usual. For tough stains or heavily soiled clothes, soak overnight in light or general mix. Rub spots to help loosen stains, and then wash as usual in the morning. Do not discard solution for soaking - reuse next time! For extreme laundry problems, soak overnight as above, but add 1 ounce of TKO to the washing machine and repeat agitation cycle.

Toilet Bowl:

- Spray concentrate into bowl. Leave sit for 5 minutes to emulsify, then scrub. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.

Unclog Drains:

- Pour concentrate into drain. Allow time to emulsify, then flush with hot water.
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