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Industrial Spray Nozzles


BEX Industrial Spray Nozzles have designed and developed spray nozzles for over 40 years in response to user's concerns, with the understanding and willingness to provide answers to their needs.

Typical applications include parts cleaning, food processing, cooling, misting, dust control, phosphating, rinsing, and chemical processes, to name just a few.

Bex offers competive pricing and fast delivery. Please contact us to discuss your application and feel free to visit the BEX website at

HAGO Nozzles have applications in the industrial, pest control, oil, and water/humidification markets.  Contact us for a review of your application.


Since 1937, Hago has been a leader in the design and production of oil burner metered atomization products. Our product line includes spray patterns, spray angles and flow rates that will meet virtually any application. We can design specialty nozzles for newly developed appliances as well.


Our ability to design and produce custom machined products for fuel metering/atomizing or other industrial applications is only limited only by the imagination. We can assist any manufacturer with the design and production of primary or secondary parts or even produce parts for the after-market.


Hago's 4023 nozzle is the industry standard in pest control. Its internal "no drip" design precise flow metering and optimal spray patterns make it perfect for home insecticide spray systems. This is particularly important given the spread of mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus.


Hago's precision flow rated water atomization products have been specifically designed to provide the effective cooling and humidification. Whether temperature control for livestock or misting applications for agriculture our nozzles are known for their reliability and long life.