Strip Doors, Air Doors

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Strip Doors, Air Doors
small product photo   Industrial Strip Doors

These strip doors are the most economical solution to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions. Save-T Strip Doors are inexpensive, easy to install, and can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year. There are 4 different types of mounting hardware that give you the versatility to mount on the wall above the door header or under the door jamb. PVC strip material ranges from .060'' to .160'' in thickness and in either Standard grade or USDA Low Temp Reinforced grade. Contact us for pricing.

Commercial Air Doors   Commercial Air Doors
Air Doors create an invisible barrier of air, generated by high efficiency, direct driven centrifugal fans, that compress the air inside the unit and release the air through a directional nozzle outlet with a pressure powerful enough to stop winds up to 25-mph. Contact us for pricing.
Rip-a-Strip   RIP-A-STRIP
RIP-A-STRIP is a continuous roll of PVC strip material that is pre-cut and pre-punched to your specific length. The rolls are produced on State-of-the-Future machinery where the strips are pre-cut through 85% of the thickness (at your requested lengths up to 16'), punched at one end on 2" centers, and rewound to the original shape. The process of pre-cutting is a TMI exclusive.  Contact us for pricing.