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Vapor Steam Cleaners
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Xtreme Machine

Xtreme Steam Industrial product-line consists of three models Xtreme Steam 8.6, Xtreme Steam 18, and Xtreme Steam 30. 

Xtreme Steam Industrial product-line is a complete range of industrial steam generators, ideal for cleaning and sanitizing any type of  surface. They can be used wherever thorough, rapid, economical and non-polluting cleaning is necessary. For example: in restaurants kitchens, hotels, nursing homes, gyms, public buildings, food processing facilities, metal and mechanical factories, and farms. The savings that can be achieved (30 % in labor, 80% in cleansing agents, 90% in disinfectant) are not merely theoretical but have been measured by our clients. 

Xtreme Steam Industrial steam generators comply with the strictest international norms. The boiler as well as the casing are in AISI 304 stainless steel. The electronic circuits are positioned in a remote- controlled, thermally insulated panel. 

Using Culinary-Grade steam the temperature/pressure performance is unrivalled: 182°C in the boiler and a constant pressure level of up to 10 BAR (150psi). Robust and versatile customized accessories: see list for more details. Two internal tanks, one for water and one for the cleansing agent which, if necessary, can be used to speed up the cleaning process in the case of encrusted dirt.



Vapor Blitz II

One Step Dry Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems

Easy:  Cleans and sanitizes thoroughly the difficult to reach places, leaving a clean, dry and sanitized surface.  Eliminates the need for toxic cleaning and disinfectant chemicals.

How the Technology Works:
Our vapor systems use electricity to heat the water in it's tank, creating steam under pressure.  When the pressure reaches approximately 65 psi, the temperature of the steam reaches about 290° F and the moisture content of the steam goes down to about 5%.  An electronically controlled solenoid valve releases pressure from the tank, and the pressure to the tip is regulated with a manual valve similar to a water faucet.  The steam travels from the tank to the nozzle through a pressure line inside an insulated hose.  At the tip, the variety of brushes or other accessories  allows the steam to reach the dirty surface while brushing action is applied, releasing and removing dirt and stain particles from the surface you are cleaning.

Economical:  Save from the reduction in water consumption, use of antibacterial agents, and waste disposal associated with cleaning and sanitizing.

Power Consumption 1700 Watts
Steam Production 8 lbs
Stainless Steel Boiler 2 qts. w/Incoloy Element
Water Reservoir Capacity N/A
Net Weight 15 lbs.
Voltage 120 & 220 V/60 Hz
14.7 amps
Working Pressure 65 psi
Operating Time 1.5 - 2.5 hours
Boiler Temperature 290° F
Temperature at Tip 220°
Control Handle 3 Speed

Price: $ 1,990.00

Cart included


Plastic Cart     $199.00

Steel Cart       $199.00



AmeriVap SteamMax

Price: 899.00



The AmeriVap SteamMax is a residential cleaning and sanitizing system using low pressure high temperature dry steam vapor to get your home cleaner than ever before.  It includes specially designed attachments and accessories.  

The SteamMax is:

  • Chemical Free

  • Affordable

  • User Friendly

  • Removes Allergens

  • Totally Electronic

  • Kills Dust Mites

The AmeriVap deep cleans without noise or mess.  It sanitizes and deodorizes in hard to reach cracks and crevices where germs and bacteria harbor uncontested.

Superheated dry steam vapor is the secret to the SteamMax's sanitizing and cleaning power. The system converts 2.5 liters of water into 1,358 gallons of dry steam vapor

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AmeriVap Systems Aspiro-Vap

Price: 3695.00

Cart not included

The Aspiro-Vap is a commercial unit and includes vacuum capability
Power Consumption 2200 Watts
Steam Production 14 lbs
Stainless Steel Boiler 1 qt. w/Incoloy Element
Water Reservoir Capacity 5 qts.
Net Weight 35 lbs.
Voltage 220 V/60 Hz
18.6 amps
Working Pressure 65 psi
Operating Time 24/7
Boiler Temperature 290° F
Temperature at Tip 220°
Control Handle 3 Speed w/Vacuum